Hey Lovies :)

Here we are!  40 days until 2014!  This year has truly gone by SO fast!  Now that we're so close to the beginning of a new year, it's time to begin preparing.  The first thing we can do is reflect back on all that has occured thus far. What were you able to accomplish this year?  What areas of your life have you grown in?  Which areas do you still need to work on?  What has changed from the beginning of the year until now?

Many of us began this year with resolutions, goals and visions of what we would have liked to accomplish, pursue or occur. Has this year been all you'd hoped it would be?  Better yet, has it been better than the year before?

Another exciting thing about the beginning of 2014 is that it marks the launch of our Healthy Living and Eating Initiative!  The Initiative is all about promoting healthy living and eating alternatives all for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit.  40 days from today, you will have access to new and delicious recipes, healthy hair tips as well as fitness and wellness tips if you sign up! 

Signing up to participate in our Healthy Living and Eating Initiative is simple.  Just send an email with your name, contact info and reason for joining the Initiative to rprhealthylivingandeating@gmail.com!

We are so excited about the new year approaching!  This time of year brings a sense of newness, freshness and revival. Bring in the new year right by preparing yourself spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally for greatness.  And remember, RPR is here to assist you. Start the new year off right by contacting us TODAY!

Newness is coming!
Amy :-)


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