Hey Lovebugs :)

It's been a while since the last post but I'm back!  I wanted to discuss organization.  We know that God is a God who does things in decency and in order.  But are we the same?  We say that we want to start a business.  Is our paperwork in order?  Do we have the vision written down?  We say that we want to have peace in our home.  Well, is our homes in order meaning are things in their proper place?  Being organized saves us a LOT of time and cuts down on stress.  But how in the world do we start getting things in order?

First, we have to get ourselves in order.  Are you all over the place when it comes to your day or are you more on a schedule?  Are you more "go with the flow" or do you have to have a plan?  Having some type of order in your life will help your day to run a lot smoother.  Create a list of the things that you have to accomplish every day and then extend it to every week.  This way you can have everything on paper so that you can refer to what needs to be done and when.

Second, get your space in order.  I CANNOT function in a space that's not in order!  If there's paper all over the place or your space isn't neat, this will increase your stress level.  CLEAN UP!  Throw away things that you no longer need and sort and organize those things that you do.  Make it a family effort.  Let everyone pitch in and do there part so that there's less stress and more time to do the things that are really important.

Last, do your best to maintain it all.  We are not robots so we're gonna have some great days and some not so great days.  The key is to MAINTAIN!  Once you get yourself in order, KEEP yourself in order.  Once you get your space in order, KEEP your space in order.  It's a lost easier to maintain something than it is to start it.

So Lovies, let's do our best to create and maintain order in our lives.  Not only will there be less stress and less chaos in our lives but our days and ultimately our lives will run A LOT smoother!



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