Healthy Eating Challenge

Happy Weekend Lovebugs!

We are on DAY 3 of our Healthy Eating Challenge!  I'm very excited about this challenge because not only is this a preview to our Healthy Living and Eating Initiative but it's a jumpstart for those who want to live healthier lives.  As stated on our Facebook page, , we will be consuming LOTS of fresh fruits & vegetables, minimum carbs and lean meats, drinking plenty of water and occasionally 100% juices, tea & milk. Also, we are eliminating fried foods, junk food (candy, potato chips, etc.) and sodas from our diet. We will also post recipes throughout these next three weeks to assist you in this process.

In addition to the challenge, we also offer our Health, Wellness and Wholeness Plan which is a plan used to instruct, guide and support our clients on their journey of living their most healthiest lives.

For those who would like more information and are interested in signing up for our Health, Wellness and Wholeness Plan, please email us at!

Looking forward to a healthier you!
xo Amy


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