Embracing Our Femininity

Happy Weekend Lovely People :)

Fall season is approaching!!  And I have just one question: Ladies, are you embracing your femininity?  Are you celebrating each and every square inch of you, from your hips to your fingertips?  I LOVE to see a well dressed woman, one who is beautiful on the inside and out.  One who knows who she is and Who's she is.  One who can command attention without so much as speaking a word.

I just wanna encourage you Ladies.  Embrace your Femininity!  Celebrate the fact that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Instead of just throwing on a t shirt and jeans today, opt for a dress and some heels (or cute flats).  Give yourself permission to be SEXY today!

Below, I've included some looks for this coming Fall season.  Here at Roxie's Powder Room, we also offer image consulting services.  If you would like to schedule a consultation, email us at roxiespowderroom@gmail.com!


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