Can You See God Moving in Your Life?

Hey Lovebugs :-)

I was skimming through my journal today and realized just how far the Lord brought me.  Back in July 2010, I prayed for Him to do a work in me.  Three years later, I'm grateful to see Him at work in my life.  It's amazing some of the things we go through to get to where God wants to take us.  We oftentimes desire an easier way not realizing it's the challenging times that not only bring us closer to Him but bring out the fight that He's placed in us.

I can really say that A LOT has changed in my life.  My relationship with God has changed, my marital status, my children, my business.. I mean A LOT!  When looking back over your life, can you see the hand of God moving?  Can you see why things have worked out the way they have to get you to where you are now?

Some things may not make sense now but later on however, it will all become crystal clear.  All we have to do is trust that God knows what He's doing with us and make sure we intentionally go through the process.  It's not always easy but man is it worth it!

Keep pressing,
Xo Amy


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