Hey Lovebugs! It's July 1st! Can you believe that we're halfway through the year? Let's take a moment and reflect back on the past 6 months of 2013: What lessons have we learned? What goals have we accomplished? What changes have we made and actually stuck with? One GREAT question I have is: How are we gonna make the next 6 months better than the last? Here's some homework for ya: Take a couple of days to really reflect on January 1, 2013 - June 30, 2013. Make three columns: Things I Want to Stop Doing, Things I Want to Start Doing & Things I Want to Continue Doing. This exercise may take longer than a day and that's ok! Take as long as you need. The idea is just to complete the task! Alright Lovebugs, let's make the next six months the BEST six months and end 2013 with a bang! Xo, Amy


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