21 Day Healthy Eating Challenge

Hey there Lovebugs!

On August 1st, we will be starting our 21 Days of Healthy Eating Challenge!  This challenge is a preview of our Healthy Living & Eating Initiative that we will be launching soon.  During the 21 days, we will be making healthier choices when it comes to what we eat.  We will be incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables and absolutely NO fried foods! (I'll give you a sec to get over the shock!)  A lot of us say that we want to eat better but have we made the commitment to do so?

I myself am looking forward to doing this challenge because when you eat better, you not only feel better but you look better too!  And who doesn't want to look better!

So, Lovebugs, if you are up to taking the challenge, here's what you need to do:

1.  Visit our Facebook page: Roxie's Powder Room
2.  "Like" us!
3.  Send us an email to roxiespowderroom@gmail.com with your name and reason for participating in our Healthy Eating Challenge!
4. Begin the challenge on August 1st!

Looking forward to a healthier you!
Xo Amy


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