We Can Do Anything with Christ!

Happy New Week Lovebugs :-)

Well, it's a new day which means new beginnings! What are you hoping to accomplish this week? What are your goals? Dreams? Desires? There's something about this week that's exciting to me. I'm preparing for an AMAZING week & I pray you are too.
For this week, I want us to adopt the mindset that we can do ANYTHING with Christ. We can be healed with Christ, start that business with Christ & finish school with Christ. Life has been hitting me hard for the last couple of weeks & at times, all I could get out in prayer was "Lord..." See, God knows how much we can take and what I love about Him is that He's right there with us through it all.

Over the weekend, I watched a snippet of the successful miniseries, The Bible, where Jesus was walking on water. He called out to Peter to join him. Peter stepped out of the boat and with his eyes FIXED on Jesus, began to walk on water. Then, he looked at the storm but for a moment and began to sink. Jesus, of course, kept Peter from drowning & said "why didd you doubt?" The Holy Spirit revealed to me that whenever I take my eyes off of Jesus and put them on my storms in life, I will begin to sink... and I did! The Lord reminded me to keep my eyes focused ON HIM, not man, not my struggles nor my challenges. And Lovebugs, I charge you to do the same!
This week, we WILL do ANY & ALL things through Christ who strengthens us & we will NOT sink. Resolve it in your heart RIGHT NOW that no matter what, you will not give in or give up!  We've come too far to turn back now & for many of us, the fruit of our hard work is just around the corner. So I ask you Ladies, with conviction, love & support in my heart, are you ready to do it all with Christ?

Let's go!
Amy xo


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