Watch Your Mouth!

Happy Saturday Lovies :)

It’s the first Saturday of the Summer, woo hoo!  How are you spending it?  Relaxing I hope!  One of the things that I want us to be mindful of is the words that we speak.  Are you speaking life or death?  Blessing or curses?  Whether we know it or not, our words have power.  It’s up to us what we do with them. 

When we’re sick, do we say “I’m sick” or “By His stripes, I’m healed in the name of Jesus!”  Do we speak those things that we want to happen or the things that we don’t?   Have you ever wondered that we may be in certain situations because of what we say?  We may be cursing ourselves and not even know it!

For the rest of this beautiful weekend, WATCH YOUR MOUTH!  Yes, watch it!  Watch what is coming out of it!  Be careful of what you are allowing to come out of your mouth.  If you don’t want it to happen, DO NOT speak it!  If you do, then by all means, speak it! 

Lovies, don’t forget how much power you have in your words.  Speak those things that you want to happen into existence.  With the power of faith and patience, whatever you speak is SURE to manifest itself!

SO excited for you!
Xo Amy


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