First Friday's Guest Blogger: Lovitha Whittington-Shelton


I thought it was Christmas last night as I had visions of words on a page dancing in my head. Anyway, this is a salute to the strong ‘Girly-girls’ who will not draw attention to their bodies by wearing anything smaller than their size. You know – the size 12 wearing the size 8 because it enhances the breasts or the size 14 jeans on the size 16 booty.
Well, let me explain my salute. I was taught how to dress by many women in my life: my Mom, my two grandmother, and eight aunts. I was taught about ‘proper’ undergarments and coordinated colors. If you couldn’t buy the entire outfit, e.g., undies, suit/dress, shoes, purse, hat, overcoat when needed, and yes, we wore gloves, then you would buy one part at a time until the outfit was complete. We use to wear pantyhose the color of our suit or dress. The rule: whatever color the hem of your garment was is the color of your pantyhose/stockings
As the undergarments go, we wore much more then – girdle (to keep from shaking like jello), full bra (to keep from bouncing), full panties for coverage (thongs now), stockings with garter belt (now pantyhose sometimes with a girdle-like topping), a whole slip, or a camisole with a half-slip. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Yes, these continue to be sold in stores but the racks have turned into a couple of hangers here and there.

Then there were the various outfits for particular times of the day or week. For example, we had outfits for church, school, travel, and play. These outfits were not interchangeable! As I got older the rule never changed (even now) – whatever I wore to the club I DID NOT wear to church. Whatever I ‘played in’ (stage apparel when I use to sing with a group in the club) was not appropriate for other activities in my life – church, work,
There is not much difference between a woman and a lady. Both are female. Both are potential wives. Both are potential mothers. A woman: described as a “female human”. The term ‘woman’ is a term of endearment or respect. Yet, a lady: a civil term for a woman equivalent to a gentleman or Lord. Neither women nor ladies gossip. Neither tells everything she knows. Both know that not every comment deserves an answer. Both know how to respond instead of react. Mature women and ladies of princess status are considerate of others, know inner peace, and exude that peace everywhere she goes.

Yes, I salute you “Girly-girls”!!! You are the ladies. You are the women. You are the ones who dress appropriately no matter what the fashion trend. You are the ones who have unleashed your feminism from within. Instead of being the ‘eye candy’, you have shown us that you walk with poise in those 6” platform heels. You are the ones who hold your heads up and walk with strength and power. You are the females who know how to sit in a dress with ankles crossed instead of legs crossed showing your thighs. You are well mannered and considerate with high standards of appropriate behavior, well behaved, demanding respect by the confident way you walk in the room and noticed by male and female alike. Yes, the “Girly-girls” are the ones who will mature with grace and teach the younger ones how to be wives and how to keep house and how to raise children. Yes, you are the ‘Girly-girls’ that I salute today!!!

“Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” ~The Holy Bible


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