Does What You Do Speak for You?

Happy New Week Lovely People :)

If people had to make an impression of you solely based on what you do, would it be accurate?  Whether we're on our jobs or in business, what we do and how we do it are very important.  Many people seek recognition and/or acknowledgement for the work that they perform but does the work that you produce deserve it?

Recently on Facebook, one of my friends, Kenny Kas Flannigan, posted "If your work is speaking for you, don't interrupt!"  I thought this was such a profound statement.  Most of stop working hard if we do not receive the recognition we feel deserve when we deserve it.  However, when we continue doing what we are called to do, eventually it will be noticed!  Take Jesus for example.  Jesus came to serve.  He did not seek, fame, acknowledgement, acculades, kudos, NOTHING!  He just came to do His Father's business and that was it!  Many times He instructed those whom He helped not to tell anyone what He had done!  (How many of us can say the same??)  The work that Jesus did spoke for Him, and therefore led to widespread knowledge of Who He is!   Are we willing to sacrifice tooting our own horns to sit back and allow our work to speak for us??

So Lovies, make sure that whatever it is that we do, we do it as if we're doing it for the Lord.  Make sure we are giving 100%, all that we have!  We have to make sure that we are consistent, faithful, reliable and accountable for the work that we produce.  Eventually, our work will speak for us; let's just hope it says nothing but GREAT things about us!

Proverbs 18:16 "A man's gifts make room for him, and bringeth him before great men"



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