Being Thrown into the Lions’ Den

Hey Lovies! 

I had a REALLY great morning. My Sis & I were talking about how God is moving in her life in a mighty way.  I got excited because first, I love to see God move in people’s lives, especially the lives of people I adore and second, I know blessings are contagious.  The funny thing is God has been telling her “new everything” and guess what He’s been telling me: “everything new”!  I have no idea exactly what God is about to do but I know it’s BIG, HUGE & HUMUNGOUS! After we had breakfast, I went into my tomb and was lead to Daniel 6:8.  For those who don’t know, Daniel 6 is where the story of Daniel and the lions’ den is found.   Daniel was a man of God mostly known for his ability to interpret dreams. So, there was a king name Darius who set 120 princes over his kingdom.  Now over those princes, he set three presidents, Daniel being the FIRST president.  The princes were to give an account to the presidents.  Daniel was preferred above the presidents and the princes because of his spirit and he was blameless.  The other presidents and the princes did not like this AT ALL.  (Side note:  It sucks when people hate on you just because you’re favored.  BUT, do not stoop to their level.  Continue to be humble and God will keep on blessing you!)  The men then gathered together to plot against Daniel.  They couldn’t use anything against him unless it had something to do with God.  So after plotting, they came to the king “suggesting” he make a new statue & decree.  The decree said that if anyone makes a petition to any God or man, except King Darius, in the next thirty days, they shall be cast into the den of lions.  The king signed the decree. Now Daniel knowing the king signed the decree, still prayed to God three times a day and get this, with his windows open, which meant anyone can see! (That’s gangsta!).  The men saw this and went back and told the king.  The king was so disturbed because he adored Daniel so he was determined to deliver Daniel from his sentence. But the men quickly reminded him that per the laws, he could not go back and change the decree he just signed.  The king then summoned Daniel and before he was thrown in, the king said “…Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee” (v.16). Talk about faith honey! Daniel was thrown into the den and the king fasted the entire night he was in there.  Early the next morning, the king ran to the den to make sure Daniel was still alive.  Daniel was indeed alive which overjoyed the king.  He was removed from the lions’ den and the men who accused Daniel were thrown in.  And not just the men, but their children AND their wives! OUCH! 

After every story God sends me to in the bible, I always ask Him to show me what He wants me to get out of it.  So, this is what I got:

Point #1: When you have the favor of God on your life, not everyone is gonna like you!

This was hard for me to accept growing up because I’ve always considered myself a likable person.  For someone to show (and even say) they didn’t like me left me feeling horrible.  I would ask myself, “How could they not like me?” or “Did I do something to make them not like me?”  Now that I’m older, my motto is, “If they don’t like me, that’s on them cause I’m a cool chic!” Owww!  But no for real, unfortunately there are people in the world (and sadly yes, in the church) who will not like you or accept you.  Some people hate the fact that you’re smart, others because you’re attractive and some because they feel you are further along than they are.  Do NOT pay attention to these people.  They will slow you down if you let them.  Look at Daniel.  Because he was preferred above the presidents and the princes, he was a walking target.  And yes Lovebugs, some of the main people who plot against us are those closest to us.  It’s awful but true L  We have to keep our focus on the Lord, our purpose and those who support us on our journey!

Point #2: When you do everything you can, God will do everything you can’t

The king tried his best to think of ways to deliver Daniel from his unjust punishment.  The bible says “… he labored till the going down of the sun to deliver him.” (v. 14) The men then came back to the king to remind him that whenever a king establishes a decree, he cannot change it.  Imagine how the king felt.  Someone he was so fond of was being handed over to the lions for a decree he established… and there was nothing he do about it.  Or was it??  Before Daniel was put into the den, the king said “… Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee.” (v.16)  Here we have faith at its finest.   And the king didn’t stop there, he fasted the entire night!  The next morning, Daniel was not only alive but he was freed.  It’s not until those moments when we’ve done everything that we could possibly do that God does the miraculous.  God is God, all by Himself!  When we exercise our faith, it pleases God AND it sets Him into motion. 

Point #3: The same trap people set for you, they set for themselves!

Oh how horrible it was for those men who falsely accused Daniel.  The same den they conspired to throw Daniel in was the same den they died in.  And not only them, but their children and wives!  Their families had to suffer all because of their sins.  We all have to be very careful because we never know how our decisions will affect those we love.  I would not want to see ANYTHING happen to my boys because of something I did.  We reap exactly what we sow!

MAIN POINT: “But without faith, it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  Hebrews 11:6 KJV

We only ask for things from people that we know will, or have the ability to, give us those things we ask for.  It’s the same with God.  For us to ask Him for anything shows that we know He can do it.  Why else would we ask?  God rewards faith.  Another word for faith is trust.  Just like Daniel had faith (or trusted) God to keep him safe while in the lions’ den, we should have the faith that God will do exactly what He says He will!  God never lies, He can’t!  So trust Him with EVERYTHING, even your life and watch how things change J



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