Are You on Your To-Do List?

Hello there Lovebugs :) When was the last time you took a moment to stop and smell the roses? We live a world of constant movement. Our to-do lists are three blocks long and we do everything in our power to make sure every last item is crossed off. But here’s my question for you: Are you on your own to-do list? As women, we take great pride in taking care of our responsibilities. From making sure the husband and kids are taken care of to making sure we do the best job at work. But in the midst of all of that, where do we fit in? What are we doing to make sure that we are taken care of? The best way that we can take car e of others is to take care of ourselves. Think about it: we are at our best when we are refreshed in mind, body, soul and spirit. When you’re returning from a vacation, your mind is more at ease, your passion is renewed and you’re to take on your responsibilities with a fresh fire that burns deep within you. So, how important is it to you to take care of yourself? Alright Ladies, it’s time to get it together! We need to take (better) care of ourselves. When we bring the best of ourselves out, we are simultaneously allowing others to do the same. So the next time you make your to-do list, make sure you are at the top! Xo Amy


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