May Day: Reclaiming Our Fitness Part III

Happy Friday Lovebugs!

This month is almost over which means May Day is almost completed.  It's Day 24 and we're still focusing on RECLAIMING OUR FITNESS.  Today, we're gonna concentrate on the physical aspect of Reclaiming Our Fitness with good ole fashion EXERCISE!!

For those what don't even remember the last time you did a push up or even lifted a weight, it's ok!  We can start now!  In the next 30 days, I want us to commit to at least 30 minutes of some form of exercise twice a week.  Whether it's walking, swimming, or visits to the gym, the point is to get moving!  Summer time is approaching so I know that we want to look our best! Owww!  And please, DO NOT overdue it!  If you have not exercised in a while, do not try to cram!  Consult with a personal trainer so that together, you both can create a fitness plan that is tailor made for your needs!

So Lovies, we are still on the road to reclaiming what's been lost, stolen or taken.  Many of us want the body we use to have, or even
the energy we use to have.  With a little exercise, we will sure be on the way to Reclaiming Our Fitness!

Let's get it,
Amy :)

P.S. Back in January, we featured Guest Blogger, personal trainer Marcus Antoine, for our First Friday Feature.  To view his tips for starting your fitness journey, click this link --->


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