May Day: Reclaiming Our Finances Part III

Hello there Lovies! Well its Day 15 of May Day which means we're still reclaiming what's been lost, stolen or taken! Today we're going to continue working on RECLAIMING OUR FINANCES by budgeting. Oh yes, a budget! How many of us can benefit from having a budget and one that we will actually use! When creating a budget, we need to list all of the income we have coming in and all of the expenses that we are responsible for. Income can consist of money earned through Employment, Business, Tax Returns, Etc. Expenses can consist of Tithes, Rent/Mortgage, Utilities, Savings, etc. Once we have all Income and Expenses listed, we need to total them up. After listing our Income and Expenses, we take the total of our Expenses and subtract it from the total of our Income. (Income - Expenses = Money Leftover). And whatever money that is left over should be used wisely and responsibly! Use it to save for that vacation you've been waiting to go on or use it to pay down your debt! (I use an Excel spreadsheet for my budget which contains formulas that makes it easier to calculate my finances. If you would like to view an example, email me @ So, Lovebugs, in order to Reclaim Our Finances, we have to be responsible and BUDGET our money. Habbukkak 2:3 says, "...write the vision and make it plain..." Having a budget will definitely supply us with the vision to Reclaim Our Finances and ultimately, our financial freedom! Let’s get it! Amy


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