May Day: Reclaiming Our Femininity Part III



Good Morning there Lovebugs :)

What a beautiful morning it is!  We're in the home stretch as we finish out May Day strong!  Its Day 29 and we're focusing on RECLAIMING OUR FEMININITY.  One of the things I love about being a women is all of the gorgeous dresses and shoes I get to wear.  I love fabrics, prints, colors, textures, everything! I also love to see women exude their personal style so proudly.  Our personal style tells who we are through our clothing.  If people were to solely base their opinion on you by your appearance and image, what do you think they would say?  What do you have to say?


There's nothing more appealing than a well put together woman.  Now, every one is different when it comes to expressing themselves through clothing.  One woman may love t-shirt, jeans and flip flops while another may prefer cocktail dresses and peep toes (like myself ;-) )  The idea is to BE YOURSELF when it comes to style.  If you love to wear jeans, make sure they fit properly.  (I did a blog about finding jeans for your body type, you can check it out here If you love to wear shorts and skirts, make sure they are the proper length (just above, at or belove the knee).  Whatever it is that you love to wear, WEAR IT!  Just make sure it's not wearing you.


I would like for us to try something new when it comes to style.  The next time we're out shopping, I want us to try on something that we would not normally wear.  If you love wearing a lot of black, try on a shirt that has color.  If you prefer basic color tees/shirts, try on one that has a cool print.  The idea is just to try something new! 


I believe that as we evolve as women, our style evolves.  Throughout all of the changes that we experience in or lives, we can still look great while going through it!  Let's Reclaim Our Femininity by focusing on enhancing our personal style.  And if you need a little extra help determining what your style is, shoot us an email:!

Cheers to Personal Style!
Amy xo


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