May Day: Reclaiming Our Faith

Hello there Lovies, Day 1 of 31!

I am SO excited about today.  Not only is it the beginning of May Day, but it's also my REbirthday!  One year ago today, I let go of everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) so that God can be my everything.  In the past year, I've been broken, healed & delivered and I give all of the honor and glory to God.  As I was reflecting on this day, I thought today being Day 1of reclaiming what's been lost, stolen or taken, we would concentrate on RECLAIMING OUR FAITH!

Reclaiming our faith starts with our relationship with God.  How would you describe and rate your relationship with God?  When was the last time you spent time with Him?  Is He first in your life?  These are some of the questions that I would like for us to reflect on today because before we can reclaim anything else, we HAVE to make sure that things are straight with Him!  In the event that we feel that we're not as close to God as we would like to be, we must evaluate what has changed.  It is very easy to get sucked up into our daily routine of life that we may feel like we don't have the time to do anything.  Well honey guess what, we have to MAKE the time for what's important!  And I know we agree that God is IMPORTANT!  See, God is not a toy that we place on the shelf and take down when we feel like it.  God longs for us to have a RELATIONSHIP with Him.  You know, the same way that we have relationships with our spouses/mates, children, friends, coworkers, etc. is the same way that we ought to have a relationship with God.  The only difference is this relationship COMES FIRST!  We have to put our effort, energy and attention into nurturing our relationship with Him. How do we do that?  By spending time with Him.  And how do we spend time with Him?  By praying and reading the Word.  Many may think "well I don't know how to pray."  Well, let me tell you this: prayer is just a conversation with God.  Open your mouth and talk to Him; He can hear you!  Tell Him how thankful you are for Him and how much He's done for you.  If you're not use to this, it may feel a little awkward in the beginning but stick to it.  God will begin to reveal Himself in a way to you like never before!

When it comes to reading the Bible, I would suggest looking up scriptures that are relevant to whatever it is that you are facing in your life.  For example, if you are struggling with an illness, find out what the bible says about healing.  Struggling with not being able to let go of what happened in the past?  Look up scriptures about forgiveness.  Also, you can begin by reading about the life of Jesus in the new testament.  Start with the book of Matthew.  Then the book of Mark and just keep reading from there.  This is a surefire to get you to start reading your Bible.

I'm so very excited about these next 31 days because I know I'm not the only one looking to reclaim some stuff!  With one day at a time, it is my prayer that we not only reclaim our stuff but that we grow in the process.  So cheers to you Lovies for RECLAIMING YOUR FAITH because the best is surely yet to come!

Lots of love,
Amy :)


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