Which F.O.G Are You In? - Part I (2 Timothy 3:5) by Lovitha Marie Whittington Shelton

There are two F.O.G.'s:  Form of Godliness and Favor of God.  Which F.O.G. are you in?   It is hard to change our past.  It is hard to accept the truth about our past.  It is hard to face what others have done to us.  It is hard to face the mistakes we have made.  But we must move on to a healthier future - spiritually. The form of godliness is the shape, fashion, and/or outward semblance of reverence and respect towards God.  Sometimes it's the right words or the right 'emotion' or the right movement in a worship service.  Yet, the heart is not truly believing what 'right' is.  You see perilous times are coming.  The corrupt and wicked will do a great deal of damage to the church.  With sin, it's hard to keep our integrity in the midst of corruption.  The evidence of truth, Bible Scripture predictions, is coming in perilous times.  Our godliness, reverence and respect toward God, must be knowledge in affection, dependence, submission, gratitude, and obedience. You see, the world has seen the 'real thing' when it came to the Christian lifestyle that glorifies God.  We, as believers in Jesus Christ, allow the Holy Spirit to set God's standards in our life.  Where is that standard now?  How does the world see us now?  Are we Christians or hypocrites? We go to church on Sundays (every Sunday) and sit in the pew.  We jump up, and clap our hands, and even sing with the choir when it is 'appropriate'.  We jump up when it seems to be 'the right time' as the preacher preaches.  When the preacher steps on our toes to hit the heart hard, we are quiet and mumble under our breath.  DO YOU KNOW JESUS?  DO YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST?  This form of godliness, this F.O.G., is a lie to you and to others.  It is a false doctrine.  Are you doing which is right in your own eyes? (Judges 21:25) We must, we must, we must deny this form of godliness.  The form of godliness is the lack of true spiritual power.  This power of words, customs, cultural things are not in God! However, there is power and authority, in our lives as believers, which comes in our lives as doing what is right in the sight of our Lord (Exodus 15:16) through obeying His voice.  We don't rely on the 'form of godliness' because we have power through a separated lifestyle unto God.  From such, we turn away!


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