Stay on the Ship!

Good Morning Lovies! This morning, adversity was waiting for me as soon as I woke up. I hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet! I said ok Lord, help me out on this one. He showed me “Strong & Sturdy”. I said ok. So after I did my morning prayer and began to prepare myself for the workday, he led me to Acts 27. In this chapter, Paul and some other prisoners were on their way to Italy on a ship. However, sailing to Italy was no easy ride. They encountered storm after storm after storm. Naturally, everyone was afraid and thought they were going to die. Paul then stood up and told them to stand strong because no one would lose their life on this voyage! He then went on to tell them how an angel of God came to him saying “Fear not”. Paul then reassured them and told them that unless they stayed on the ship, they could not be saved. Needless to say, they made it through the storms and got to land safely. After reading, I sat still and started thinking. How awesome is God to give me reassurance in the midst of my storm! Even though I am going through to get to my promises (and I WILL make it through), He is there with me. He does not want me to fear. However, I HAVE to stay on the ship to make it through because there are NO shortcuts to destiny! NONE! Whatever the enemy throws my way, I will overcome because NO WEAPON formed against me shall prosper! The only way to make it to is to make it through! No running, no hiding, no nothing! We have to stay strong and endure. It helps to keep our eyes on the horizon instead of the hurricane. Yes it’s not easy, believe me! There are some moments when I even say, c’mon, not now! But then I think about all the things God has promised me and I change my attitude quickly and declare that I have the victory through Christ Jesus! This morning, God told me I’m closer, which means I’m SO close to my promises! So close that I can feel it in my bones. I am RIGHT there! I can taste it and see it and I AM gonna get them! I give God ALL of the honor, the glory and the praise NOW! He is so worthy, not just because of what He does but for Who He is! I am definitely gonna give you guys a praise report AS SOON AS everything begins to manifest. Matter of fact, I’ll give it now! Thank you Lord for your deliverance, for new EVERYTHING!! I love You Lord, there is NO ONE above YOU! You are the Keeper of my soul, the Source of every good thing in my life! I just wanna say thank You!!!!!!!! Ames :)


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