Sowing & Reaping

Good Morning & Happy New Week Lovies! We reap what we sow. How many of us have heard this before? And whenever we hear this, do we automatically think this is a negative thing? We know that when we sow or give attitude, we will reap or receive attitude. But how many of us know that when we sow positive energy, we will receive it right back. We may not receive it in a way that we think we will, but nonetheless, we will receive it. We know that we are accountable for our actions and how we treat people. We also know that there are times when people have said or done things to us as a consequence of what we’ve sown out into the world. So what do we need to do? Be careful of what we put out into the atmosphere! And I’m not just talking about with our actions, I’m talking about with our words too! If we sow destruction or failure with our words, you better believe that’s that exactly what we will reap! So, lovely people, let’s be mindful of the things that we do and say because we will reap and reap good ALL of the things that we sow! And now I ask you, what have you sown so far today?? Amy :)


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