RPR's Here For You!

Good Morning Lovebugs! It’s Friday! For most of us, it’s the last day of the work week. What lessons have you learned this week? What things have you started to pursue? We have a few projects in the works here at RPR and I’m really looking forward to sharing them all with you guys. In the meantime, I really want you to start preparing for what it is that you want. Really seek God on the things that He wants for you and go after them full force. Some of us have had our dreams lie dormant because we’re afraid, or we’re waiting for the perfect time. Well let me tell you this, the perfect time is NOW! Yes, now! Here at Roxie’s Powder Room, we have a spiritual lifestyle group called His Daughters. The group is on Facebook under “RPR presents His Daughters – Spiritual Lifestyle Group for Women”. The purpose of this group is for women to celebrate the joys, discuss the challenges and embrace the responsibilities of being a daughter of the Most High in today’s society. If you would like to join this group, receive support during your journey to fulfilling your destiny or need assistance on where to begin, contact us at roxiespowderroom@gmail.com. Today could be the first day on your journey towards your destiny. Let RPR assist you and support you to becoming the best you that you can be! Xo Amy


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