Refresher Moments

Good Morning Lovely People! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend some QT with my Sister, Tish. She took me to get a pedicure and we grabbed some lunch afterwards. Like most women, we needed that “ladies time”, time away from the husbands, the kids, the businesses, you know the everyday hustles and bustles of our lives. We talked, we laughed, we reminisced, and we enjoyed ourselves. Having that lady’s time really refreshed me and it also helped me to see how important it is to have some time for myself. We all need those moments of refreshments. For some of us, we may need to take a walk in the park. For others, we may need to spend a weekend at the beach. Whatever it is that we need to do to recharge our batteries, do it! See, I’m a former workaholic. I mean I would work 24-7. God would have to sit me down to get me to rest! I’m a very active person but I had to realize that I needed to balance my life and include refresher moments to keep from running myself straight into the ground. My mother would always say “Even God rested Amy!” Now, I like to say that I make sure to have those refresher moments, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. So my loves, it is my hope that we will be intentional about taking those moments to rest and refresh. We will think better, function better and move better. And besides, who doesn’t like to take a second to stop and smell the roses along this journey called life :) Amy :)


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