Newness @ RPR

Good Morning & Happy Weekend Lovies :) Who’s ready to live and eat healthy! I am pretty excited about all of the things that the Lord is doing here at Roxie’s Powder Room. We are committed to providing the best services possible to our clients and strive to discover ways to continue doing so. One thing we are gearing up for is our “Healthy Living & Eating Initiative”. We will be introducing healthy living tips as well as featuring delicious recipes that are healthy AND delicious! In addition, we will feature our Health, Wellness & Wholeness Plan, which is a tool used to instruct, guide and support our clients on their journey of living their most healthiest lives. If you are interested in joining our Healthy Living & Eating Initiative or you would like more information about our Health, Wellness & Wholeness Plan and any others services Roxie’s Powder Room provides, please email us at! Amy :)


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