In the Face of Adversity

Hey there Lovebugs J

            It’s amazing what happens to us when we face adversity.  We really get the opportunity to see what we’re made of.  We get to see how much we can really take.  We even get to see what our limit is.  I don’t know not one single person who wishes things were hard.  If anything, we all wish things could be easier. 

            It’s not until we’ve face adversity that we grow.  It makes us stronger and wiser and it better equips us for the next challenge that comes.  But oh, how sad it is if we have to keep facing the same trial over and over again because we just haven’t learned the lesson.  For instance, right now, I’m in the middle of a season where it’s like EVERYTHING is being thrown at me.  When I say it’s like it’s one thing right after another! WHEW!!  I’m like, ok God, what is it that You’re trying to teach me!  I know my patience is being groomed.  I also know that my faith is being tested.  Do I wish it were easier? Oh Lord Yes!  But, I understand that God’s ways are not my own so I have to trust that His way of doing things is what’s best for me.  I was just telling my husband that I’m gonna pass this test because I am… and you will too!

             So the next time you face adversity, REJOICE!  Something big is brewing on the horizon!  Take this as the preparation phase that’s necessary to take you to the next level.  And when you get there, you’ll be stronger, better AND wiser!




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