Go Get What You Want!

Hello there Lovebugs!

What are you willing to do to get what you want?  What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?  Many of us have not received what we want simply because we won't get up and get it!

Have you ever woke to a brand new day with a fire in your belly?  You may not know exactly what it is that God wants you to do but you know He wants you to do something.  It's until we start walking that God will point us in the right direction.  When God gave me the vision for RPR, I had NO clue HOW to do what He wanted me to do.  Sometimes I learned through my mistakes (well many times) and othertimes, he instructed me along the way.  But the most important thing that He wanted me to do (and still does) is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!  At one point, I thought He was gonna bring it to me! NOPE!  I had to go out and get it!  I had to step out on faith, knowing that God was right beside me, guiding me, leading, instructing along the way.  I'm so excited about where God is taking this company and all I have to do is keep it moving!

So, now I ask you:  What's keeping you from receiving what you want?  What's stopping you from fulfilling your purpose?  Is it YOU??  Well, that will change starting TODAY!  Make the decision to go after what you want!  Take a minute to write down those desires that God has placed on your heart, pray about them and then start moving towards them.  God has your back!  He'll guide you along the way.  But the most important thing is, no matter what, keep moving forward!!

Amy xo


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