Good Morning Lovies :) Have you ever been so angry that you feel deep within your spirit that you’re about to explode? Has someone ever said or done something so foul that you had to take a breath and calm down before you said or did something you regret? Wooooooo Honey!! I remember a situation that had me SO upset. Someone was very rude to me and I had to go into another room and talk to God. I said “LORD! Wooooo! I’m going to calm it down but you gotta help me, GOODNESS!” After I took my time out with God, eventually I calmed down. Can you imagine being so upset but having to just sit there and be as calm as possible? Challenging right! I had to learn that I can choose how something happens to me even though I can’t control what happens to me. What do I mean? I don’t have to dish out what I get. If someone comes at me with an attitude, I can choose to respond differently. If someone comes at me with disrespect, I can choose to respond differently. The only thing about choosing to do the right thing is it will burn your flesh! Oh yes, it’s uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, we can walk away with character, integrity and grace because we chose to respond in a godly way. Oh how I wish that this walk was easy. Yes Lord, I do! But I thank God that He equips us with the Holy Spirit that will give us the strength and grace necessary to endure anything that life tries to throw our way. So my question is this: Will we choose to remain godly even in the face of persecution? Will we choose to remain calm even if we’re on the receiving end of an angry person’s rant? Will we choose to honor the Lord by choosing to handle things His way instead of our own? See,I know and believe that we will! So for today, let’s choose to do right, think right, and act right! Know that God is behind us 100% and will push us and guide us, no matter what circumstances we face! Amy :)


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