Are You Ready For a New Thing?

Good Morning Lovebugs :)

Spring has definitely sprung! I LOVE Spring & Summer weather. It’s something about the clear blue skies and the warm weather that just awakens my spirit. Not to mention, I get to wear sundresses and peep toes! Owwwww! Another thing about Spring that I love is the sense of refreshment that it brings. Our spirits, minds and thoughts have the chance to awaken to the newness that Spring often brings with it. What new things do you need to start doing? What things do you need to do away with to make way for the new? Some of us are holding on to things we should’ve let go a LONG time ago, ex. Old habits, old mentalities. It’s time for a NEW thing!

What‘s keeping you from receiving your NEW thing? Is it you?? Well, I declare and decree that as of THIS day, we are letting go of the old to embrace the new! No matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes, we are striving towards the new, leaving everything old behind! So now, my question to you is this: Are you ready for a new thing?

Amy :)


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