What Do You Need?

Happy Saturday Lovebugs! What are your deepest needs? Some would say to be loved. Others would say to be respected. And there are those that might say to be valued. We have certain needs that have to be met, whether it’s in our relationships, our jobs/businesses. We even have personal needs! But what about those of us out there who have NO idea what we need or are not adamant about pursuing those needs. For instance, in relationships, we all have a desire to be loved. I mean c’mon, that’s just how we’re built. But this is for those who jump into relationships just because without determining the need for it and even if your needs will be met. Do you NEED to be respected? Do you NEED for the person you are in a relationship with to be honest with you at all times? Do you NEED to be able to trust in a relationship? Sadly, some of us haven’t considered what we need because we are chasing after what we want! BIG DIFFERENCE! A need is something that you simply will NOT do without while a want is something that is desired but not needed. And let me say this: EVERY need that we have can be met by God. He even promises in Phillipians 4:19 to “Supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory”. He provides our spiritual needs, our physical needs, our emotional needs and our mental needs. He can fill all of the voids in our lives that we’ve incurred through life and even gives us peace & freedom in the process. Being in a relationship with Him and having our needs met sets the tone for all of the other relationships we are in and what we need out of those too! Once we’ve allowed God to meet our needs, it’s much easier to engage in relationships that will fulfill our relational needs and even snag some of our wants too! So I challenge you from this day forward to consider what it is that you need; what you need out of your relationships, what you need out of your job/business, and what you need personally. There is nothing wrong with stating and pursuing your needs. Just know that you are worth having your needs met and are bold enough to ask for what it is that you need… and get it!! Amy :)


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