True Worship

Hey Lovies! I love me some Jesus! The moment I think about all He’s gotten me through and He’s been there with me through the good times and the bad, I get so emotional. I treasure our relationship. I love the fact that I even have one with Him. He knows all of my secrets, all of the things I’ve done in my past, the mistakes that I’ve made and He STILL loves me in spite of it all! He is just SO wonderful! And it’s one thing to be in praise and worship alone but then to be joined my love! HONEY!! It’s something to worship alone but when you can experience it with someone that loves God AND you, it’s a beautiful thing. The bible says that when two or three are gathered in His name, there He is in the midst of them. Let me tell you, He was surely in the midst. I love Him SOOOOO much! I appreciate the intimacy and the closeness of our relationship. He saved me, little ole me! And He keeps on saving me from me, other people and the world. My soul is in the palm of His hand. He knows my comings and my goings and He’s promised to be with me EVERY step of the way. I LOVE Him. I always get amazed when He tells me that He cares for me and that He loves me. It’s so awesome because here is this one God amongst millions of people and He takes the time to tell ME that He loves me?!!? Blows my mind every time! I don’t wanna imagine life without Him because if it wasn’t for Him, there would be no me. I’ll say it again, I love me some Jesus and the best thing about it is, He loves me too Ames :)


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