To Much is Given, Much is Given

Hey Lovebugs! Back in July of 2012, God revealed to me what my new life would look like being His daughter, a wife, a mother, being in ministry, owning a business, a new house, a new truck, and welcoming new everything. Just looking at the list of responsibilities was a little overwhelming, so I said Lord, how in the world am I gonna do this?!? He said, to much is given, much is required. Well let’s just say God gave me the opportunity a few months ago to see just how much was required! My soon to be husband (at the time) and our three kids spent a few days together and Lord have mercy, did I learn some lessons! Whew! Between three kids under the age of 8 running around, the hubs and I trying to create and maintain order for our new family AND doing ministry work, it’s no wonder that we all haven’t gone crazy! During this experience however, God revealed the things that we needed to change, things we needed to perfect and also things we didn’t even know we still have issues with. See, God showing me everything on paper was one thing. But actually living it was something TOTALLY different! Now, it’s true that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. However, even the most thought out plans can have a monkey wrench thrown into them that can either produce an opportunity for growth or failure. And I will say that I believe that this experience has helped us to grow! I’m grateful for God allowing that sneak preview of my new life because now that I’m actually living it, things are wonderful! Even with the highs and the lows, the frustrations and the fun, I’m still excited and thankful because I’m better prepared for it! Ames :)


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