Spring Cleaning 2K13

Happy Spring Lovebugs! I LOVE Spring! It’s one of my favorite seasons (Summer is the other). I love the warm weather, the blue skies, blossoming flowers, just everything. Now many of us are taking the time to do some Spring Cleaning as we welcome this new season. Not only can we begin to clean out our homes, we can also clean out our spirits, our minds and our bodies as well. Let’s begin with our spirits. We can begin to cleanse our spirits by releasing all bitterness, anger, worry and everything else that weighs our spirits down. No longer will we carry situations that happened to us days, even years ago. We can lay all of our burdens at the feet of God and keep it moving! 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all of your cares upon Him because He cares for us” so God will take care of it all so that we won’t have to! Next up is our minds. We can renew our minds by reading the Word, changing the way we think and readjusting our perspectives. We do that by choosing to think positive thoughts. We do that by accepting the truth of a situation and not just what we think it is. We do that by asking questions instead of assuming we know the answer to everything. As soon as we change our thoughts, we can begin to change our lives. Finally, we have our bodies. Eating healthy and exercising regularly has its advantages. It allows us to have more energy, our bodies will be in shape and we’ll be able to function better. Being mindful of the things that we do to and put in our bodies will allow us to not only move better but to think better too! Spring is officially here so it’s definitely time to do some cleaning! Before you even tackle your house, tackle your temple! Doing so can lead to a healthy lifestyle full of healthy thoughts, healthy behaviors and a healthy perspective on life itself :) Amy :)


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