Sometimes... You Just Gotta Wait!!

Hey Lovebugs! I cannot stand waiting!!... for certain things. Like most folk, when I want something, I want it now. I know how I want it, when I want it and what I want. Yes, I do. During some alone time with God, I was praying for Him to show me what He wanted me to do during this preparation season He has me in. You know what He said to me?? Wait. Um… that’s it? I said wait? He said, wait. Now, I’m a spontaneous type of gal so I love to just pick up, grab my kids and just head out the door at the drop of a dime. So whenever I hear the word wait especially from Him, aww man, I’m not going to like it. Now, let me clear something up. I’m not impatient. I understand there are some things I just HAVE to wait for. What make this particular situation different is I have no clue HOW LONG I will be waiting. Y’all know how God is! He moves in His timing however when He moves, He can move SUDDENLY. When I say He’s cultivating my patience as well as fine tuning some things in me… *deep breath* I reassure myself by reciting His Word, repeating some affirmations (or declaring & decreeing like we talked about yesterday) and changing my perspective. A shift does take place when you start to shift your thoughts and also when you focus your attention on other things and people. I know God is up to something in my life and I know it’s magnificent. I just have to go through this process (patiently) while He goes ahead of me preparing things for me. This is NO easy task by the way. I’ve cried, was sad, angry, cried some more, did some writing, praying, cried some more and some more. But at the end of the day, not only do I believe that everything will work out but I KNOW that this process is bringing Him & I closer together. But I will say this, once He is done with me in this season and elevates me to the next, my family and I will be on the first thing smoking to celebrate! Ames :)


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