Responding vs Reacting

Happy New Week Lovies! We can’t always control what happens to us but we can control how we respond to it. The funny thing about life is we can’t always predict what happens. The weather, traffic, colds & job losses are just some events that happen to us that we can’t control. We also can’t control how people treat us and sometimes, that can be a very challenging situation to encounter. God doesn’t promise that hard times won’t come our way but He does promise to never leave us nor forsake us. We often feel as though we have no choice as to what we deal with throughout this life but what’s so great is that we get to choose how we allow it to affect us. We have more power over circumstances than we think! YES, you and me have more power over circumstances than we think! Flat tire when we’re already running late for work? We have the power! Co-worker or Boss acting unprofessional and uptight? We have the power! Dr called with upsetting news? Guess what, we STILL have the power! So, the next time life brings you something that you aren’t prepared for or catches you off guard, take a second to pray and evaluate the situation. Next, create a plan of action and then finally execute it. The same can be true when interacting with people. It’s always best to respond instead of react. (Believe me, I know how much of a struggle this can be!) Being calm and responsive will produce better outcomes than being quick and reactive. And besides, you’re in charge of you, no matter what storms, trials and tribulations life may bring your way ;-) Amy :)


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