Prayer Changes Things

Good Morning Lovebugs! It’s amazing how prayer changes things. When we pray to God, releasing all of our concerns, fears & worries, we begin to feel free. The burdens begin to lift, the yokes are destroyed and a peace enters your heart. Some of us may believe that we have to pray long, elaborate prayers in order to get God’s attention. However, in my experience, some of the best prayers are the ones that come straight from the heart. Even if it’s only a few words that we’re able to say, the fact is that we are saying something! Tell God exactly how you feel. Let God know what’s on your heart. He knows anyway. The same way that we can be “real” with our friends is the same way that God wants us to be real with him. I’m pretty sure you can recall times when you’ve prayed about something and it came to pass. Maybe not in the way you wanted it to, but it happened. Answered prayer has a way of lifting your spirits because it’s a wonderful feeling to know that not only did God hear your prayers, but he answered them! So, the next time you’re feeling worried and troubled or even joyous and happy, say a prayer to God and just sit back and watch how things change! Amy :)


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