Humility & Love

Good Morning Lovebugs :) Last night, I had the privilege of ministering to a fabulous group of women on “A Meeting in the Ladies’ Room” women’s line, facilitated by my mentor and Big Sis Prophetess Racquel. I spoke about the life of Jesus and how it was the ultimate example of humility. I then went on to say how we as His children are to follow His example and live a life of humility with a servant’s heart. It was an incredible experience to be used by God and it also helped me to see the areas in which I have to clean up some things in my own life! Imagine how different the world would be if would genuinely love and served each other. Imagine how it would be if we cared about what goes on with each other just as much as we care about what’s going with us. Just think about how many people are waiting for our smiles or our hugs but because we are all too consumed with what goes on in our little worlds, we miss opportunities to share the greatest thing that God so graciously gives to all of us: LOVE! For today, let’s strive to be the ultimate expression of love. Whether it’s holding the door for the person entering the door behind us or giving change to a person who need who asks. Let’s be proactive about showing our brothers and sisters in the world Christ today. It’s up to us to be the light in dark places and the greatest way to shine is with love! Amy :)


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