EVERYTHING the enemy says is a lie!

Good Morning Lovebugs :)

Happy Friday! Every now and then we have to remind ourselves of the promises God made to us. No matter how long it takes for them to manifest themselves, know that they WILL come to pass. What's funny is how the enemy will try to get us to doubt that they ever will. Sometimes, he'll try to give us feelings of fear& worry.  Other times, he'll whisper in our ears that God has forgotten about us. But know this, EVERYTHING that comes from the enemy is a LIE! YES EVERYTHING!! Doubt is a lie! Fear is a lie! Anxiety is a lie! If God spoke that "...by His stripes we are healed" (Isaiah 53:5), then guess what? We are healed! Even when we FEEL aches and pains, we still have to go in unwavering faith that we are healed! Experiencing financial difficulties? God promises to "... supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Phillipians 4:19).  So even when you receive bills in the mail that are past due or unexpected expenses hit your pockets, know that God has already made a way to fulfill your every need.

So the next time, you're facing a trial or a challenge, know that not only is God with you, but you already have the victory. And if you have any thoughts in your mind that tell you otherwise, know that EVERYTHING the enemy says to you IS A LIE!!

Amy :)


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