Being Armed & Prepared

Happy Saturday Lovies :) How do you prepare for a new day? Do you wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, pick out something to wear, get dressed, grab breakfast & head out of the door? We spend majority of our time physically preparing for our day, but what about preparing spiritually? Emotionally? Financially? Many of us are usually caught off guard by what happens to us during the day because we haven’t properly prepared for it. Now granted, we cannot predict everything that will happen to us but we can do our best to be prepared spiritually, mentally & emotionally for whatever comes our way. Now preparing ourselves does not mean that we should only expect negative things to occur. We can’t have the mindset of “anything could go wrong today, so let me prepare for it now” or “I know that it’s gonna be a long, stressful day at work so let me prepare now.” The moment these words leave our lips is the moment that joy leaves our spirits. We can prepare to approach each day with a positive attitude and choose to remain positive regardless of the circumstances. We know that the enemy “comes to steal, kill and destroy…” so by preparing and being alert for when he tries to throw us off guard can cause us to obtain the victory that is ours anyway! That’s why we have to be proactive about being fully prepared EVERY day. So in addition to putting on our clothes, we can put on confidence. In addition to slipping on our shoes, we can also slip on a smile. No longer will be ill prepared for whatever the day may bring because from this day forward, by spending time in prayer, meditation, and arming & preparing ourselves for the day, we can experience a peace & joy that will carry us to victory! Amy :)


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