Are You Easily Offended?

Hi Lovebugs! Are you one of those people who get offended easily? Are you able to keep it together if someone were to say something or even do something that you dislike? God showed me that this was an area that I have to CONQUER! He is thickening my skin so being easily offended about what people say or do to me has got to go! In no way do I believe God wants us to willingly subject ourselves to mistreatment but I do believe that He will use uncomfortable situations to mature us. God wants us to be unmoved, unshakable, unwavering. He doesn’t want us to allow anything to bother us to the point where we freak out or retaliate. Romans 12:19 says “…vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” so GOD is the one who will fight our battles. He will take care of everything that concerns us and all we have to do is let Him! I know, I know, I struggle with this at times too. Who likes to be cursed out or yelled at or disrespected? No one! Jesus sees it all and the good thing about it is, He will take care of the situation so that we won’t have to. And not only that, He does a WAY better job than we ever could! Yes, it is in NO way easy to turn the other cheek when someone does us wrong. Even if we have to walk away and to get ourselves together, it’s better than getting into a shouting match where things can continue to escalate. Believe me, I’m preaching to my own self about this topic so don’t think you’re alone. With one day at a time, one step at a time, we can maintain our composure by focusing on Him and even asking ourselves, What would Jesus do? Ames :)


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