The Power of Listening

Hi Lovies :) Imagine not being able to talk for 24 hours? Imagine having only the ability to listen to everyone you crossed paths with? Pretty interesting huh? It’s amazing how much you can learn about something and even someone when you actually take the time to listen. I didn’t realize how much of a gift listening is until the Lord challenged me to seek understanding when dealing with a situation I was dealing with. In order to understand someone, we must be willing to listen to them. We must control the urge to interject and even cut in when something is said that ruffles our feathers. Besides, we like to be heard too, right? So I challenge you (and me) for the next 24 hours to really listen to whatever anyone has to say to us. Seek to understand them instead of trying to get them to understand you. Not only can you come out of the conversation with revelation but you can save your precious time by not involving yourself in a dispute! Amy :)


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