Standing on God's Promises

Hi Lovies! Have you ever been placed in a position where you are waiting for God to do what He said He would do? Have you ever been in a position where people ask you questions and the only reply you can give is, “The Lord will provide”? At this moment, I’m standing and waiting for God to deliver on promises that He made me and I must say that although I do trust Him, I have my moments where doubt creeps in. As the days carry on, I find myself getting anxious and saying “Alright Lord, I don’t know how You’re gonna do it, but I know that You are!” I know that the enemy wants me to doubt but most importantly, I know that God wants me to trust Him. Now it’s one thing to trust God when everything looks like it’s happening but what happens when things look like the complete opposite of what God promised? It’s easier said than done at times to continue on with your life while you’re waiting for God to do something. I find myself wanting to know the details of how God’s gonna do what He said He would do and even question Him, wondering if I’m the one that’s holding up the process. But whenever I ask Him what’s up, all I hear is, “Wait”. *sigh* Sometimes, it’s much harder to wait than it is to work! However, I know that this process is strengthening my patience, my faith, my belief and my full reliance on Him. I KNOW that God will deliver; I just have to stop worrying about the HOW :-/ Stay tuned, Ames


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