Looking Back to Move Forward

Good Morning Lovebugs :) I LOVE walking. It’s something about taking a stroll and just clearing your mind, removing all of the clutter, the chaos and the confusion. Whenever I go for long walks, I look back every now and then just to see how far I’ve walked. It’s amazing how much ground you cover when you just keep walking. Then, I started thinking… Have you ever taken a glimpse at your past and seen how far God has brought you? You start thinking about all of the things that you’ve been through and then realize how it shaped you into the person you are now. You start thinking about how things would be different if you knew then what you know now. Moving forward in life is an interesting journey. It’s a decision to keep going no matter what. Obstacles will comes, stumbling blocks, even pit stops. But the only objective is to keep going! Looking back is only beneficial when it’s done with appreciation. It’s in moments of reflection that we can appreciate the journey and seeing how none of the things that we’ve gone through has been and will not be wasted. Your past is just that: your past! Not to be repeated again. Our future is SO much greater and the more we focus on the future, the past looks smaller and smaller when you’re looking at it through our rearview mirror. Keep going, Ames :)


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