Living a Fruitful Life

Hey Lovebugs :) It’s amazing the freshness a new day brings. When waking up in the morning, we can celebrate the fact that yesterday is gone and we can start over. We get a do over. I didn’t realize how much of a gift a new day is until God showed me. Not only is every day a gift, but life itself is a gift. We have the opportunity to live, to dream, to love and to just be. HOW we live our lives is very important as well. Our lives are a testament to our morals, values and beliefs. We can tell a lot about a person by the way they live; how they treat others, how they spend their time and what they treasure. If we were to take inventory of our lives, what would we really find? Do we produce good fruit? Do we interact with others in a kind way? Or do we manifest drama and chaos? Confusion and discord? Negativity and foolishness? God holds us accountable for the lives that we live and the choices that we make. For every decision we make, there is a consequence, whether good or bad. Believe that each day brings an opportunity to make good decisions that will produce great results that will lead to a fruitful life! Amy :)


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