I'm Focused Man!

Hey Lovies! Have you ever been so focused on something that it consumed your mind, your thoughts and EVEN your life? God shed some light on a particular situation that I have been struggling with for the last couple of months. I’ve been praying to God about it and last night, He revealed to me in my dream that it has become a hindrance. After speaking with two people who are close to me, I realized that I had lost my focus. Well, not really lost it but I was focused on the wrong things. See, whatever we focus on grows, whether it’s good or not so good. If you focus on the positive, that’s all you’ll see. The same is true for the negative. I had become so focused on what bothered me that it became bigger and bigger and bigger, eventually to the point where my issues were all I would see! But I will tell you this, the moment I shift my focus to God, things begin to look brighter and better. Meditating on His goodness makes me look at everything differently. Focusing on the positives in a situation works wonders as well. Not only do things start looking better, we start feeling better too! Ames


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