Humility vs. Pride

Hello hello Lovies :) God is on a roll today! So, I went to Dad asking Him for the best way to handle an issue or should I say… “concern” I have about a friend. I feel as though my friend can give all of the advice in the world but not receive it. I started out by telling Him that I know we are suppose to remove the telephone pole beam out of our own eye before we try to remove the speck from our brother’s eye. I told Him I know I can have some of the same ways ( I guess real recognize real) and then I asked Him what to do. He took me to a daily devotional book where the devotional for a particular day was “Being Humble”. The author talked about the difference between humility and pride. He said “pride is the sin of competing with God… it makes you unreliable because nobody can tell you what to do, unloving because you won’t sacrifice for others, unteachable because nobody can correct you, & competitive because you’ll always try to outdo each other.” Humilty, on the other hand, means “not always having to be asked, reminded and recognized… you go round looking for ways to serve.” I said… Oh! So basically, being prideful is being about you while being humble is being about others. Ok, ok I know that I’ve have struggles with this not because I think I’m better than anyone. I believe it’s a thing where if I’m knowledgeable about the issue, no one can tell me how it should be done! Yeah, God has checked me about that! But anywho my Mom always tells me that you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Humility is SO attractive to me, especially in men and being prideful is such a HUGE turnoff, especially in men again! We have to be very careful because I believe there’s a very thin line between humilty and pride. Every now and then we need to check ourselves or else God will check us for us! Ames


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