Have You Shown God You Love Him Today?

Hey Lovely People & Happy Valentine’s Day! Over the summer, God was working on me in reference to my praise & worship. He wanted me to be able to praise & worship Him through the good and the not so good. Now, Hubs had been telling me how God wanted me to go deeper when I worship Him. In the beginning, I said ok but how do I do that? I thought going deeper meant I had to be louder with my Hallelujahs and Thank you Jesus’. Nope! Then I begin to imitate the way I saw other people praise God but it didn’t work because it wasn’t authentic. I also thought I had to force myself to jump up and down and shout but it still just wasn’t right. Finally, I said, you know what, this is crazy Lord, what do I do?? See, the type of relationship I have with God is like the type of relationship I have with anyone else I love. I have a regular conversation with Him throughout the day. I pray to Him morning and at night. I cry to Him, I laugh with Him & I spend time with Him. Now, even though I’m intimate with Him and share everything with Him, I learned that when it comes to praising and worshiping Him, I had to completely focus ON HIM! He wanted me to shift the focus from me to Him, not asking Him for anything but thanking Him for everything. Yes, I still take the time to thank Him for everything He’s done for me but now I’m moving towards thanking Him for being Who He is. I tell Him how good He is, how merciful and forgiving He is and by doing so, it allows me to see all of the positive things in my life that are possible all because of Him. And then not only that, praising and worshiping Him leaves me feeling SO good, so refreshed, like I have NO cares at all! My mind becomes crystal clear, any anxiety I had disappears and I’m left with a peace that just soothes my soul. God has truly been wonderful and awesome to me and all He wants is for me to TELL HIM! Think about it, doesn’t it feel good when people tell you how good of a job you do? Doesn’t it feel good to be recognized for your accomplishments? Doesn’t it feel good to receive praise for your co-workers and even your supervisor at work? If we know how good that feels, imagine how good it would make God feel. Now I know some people may be thinking, this is God we’re talking about. The all powerful, all seeing, all knowing God. Does it even matter to Him if little ole me says thank You? Would it make a difference to Him? Let me tell you this: God answers our prayers, protects us, provides for us, takes care of us AND our families, wakes us up EVERY morning, showers us with His love, grace and mercy and a host of many, many other things. In all of the giving that God does, don’t you think the least we could do is take the time out to say thank You or Lord, I love You & appreciate You? We are His children and I believe it would just warm His Heart for us to tell him how much we adore Him. Now, I am NOT at all trying to make anyone feel bad or condemned. I’m just trying to paint a picture that was painted for me. The same way we show love to those who are closest to us is the same way that God wants us to show Him. Don’t try to force it or even imitate others like I did, but do it from your heart. The more time we spend with God, the more we know Him. The more we know Him, the more we’ll love Him. And the more we love Him, the more we trust Him. So, let’s take the time to show God just how much we care for Him. We can take a moment in our day to tell Him how we feel about Him. Not only do I believe that it will make Him feel good, it will make us feel good too! Yes, we LOVE His blessings and His rewards but we can still thank Him just for being Him. He is still a good God whether He blesses us or not. He’s STILL a good God despite what we go through in our lives. He’s STILL a good God no matter how tough our days are or how rough our storms are. God is worthy to be praised and it’s about time we open our mouths and express our gratitude and appreciation towards Him. Why? Because we love Him and you know what, He loves us too ;-) Ames


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