Giving It All Away

Hey Lovebugs! One morning, I had the most awesome experience with Jesus. See, God is doing something so incredibly BIG for me and all I have to do is step into it. Now of course, with any level of change comes a level of discomfort. Honestly, I’ve been anxious, worried, fearful and just all over the place. God has been asking me if I trust Him and I always say yes, of course I do. But I see that my being worried gives Him the impression that I don’t I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just tired; tired of the fear, the worry and the anxiety. So on that morning, He told me to let it ALL out. And when I say I let it all out, I let it ALL out! I cried it out, praised it out, worshiped it out, I mean I let it ALL out. And what I love about God is, He took it ALL away! I left feeling relieved, free and at peace, and that’s all I wanted. I allowed myself to be bound by worry so much that I felt like I had to ask for permission to be free! HA! I even thought it was so selfish of me to just dump all of my problems and worries on Jesus, not realizing that’s exactly what He’s been leading me to do! Wow! Thank you JESUS for freedom! Now that I’ve tasted this freedom and peace, I don’t want it to ever go away. But I understand that I HAVE to have the exchange with God in order to live the life He died for me to have. And I am SO grateful for that Amy


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