Confront the Junk

Hey there Lovebugs :) It’s amazing some of the things we tell ourselves that we actually start believing. For instance, I struggled with believing that I am forgiven even though at times, it doesn’t feel like it. Well today, God made me confront some things honey! And in the process of doing so, I discovered that there are some strongholds that NEEDED to be torn down. First off, I didn’t even realize I’d created strongholds until God brought it to my attention. It’s quite wonderful what quality time spent with Him can reveal to you. He showed me how through the lies of the enemy, I allowed myself to believe things that certainly weren’t true. I was so surprised because what I believed felt like the truth. God told me a couple of days ago “wisdom overrides feelings” which means what I know trumps how I feel. He also helped me to realize that I am in some ways driven by how I feel, even though feelings change. But glory be to God that He shed some light on these lies with the truth, which is His Word! His Word IS ALIVE! He’s helping me to replace false beliefs with true knowledge and wisdom as He guides me through His Word. It was painful to confront but we can never conquer ANYTHING if we don’t! I know this is easier said than done but trust me! If you want the freedom that God has CALLED for us to have, you have to confront the junk! He WILL guide you through it and even help you to overcome it! He’s so loving throughout the process too, which makes it much, much better. Examining ourselves is always a scary thing to do because we never know what we may find. But it’s nothing like having God’s powerful and loving Light to guide you through the darkness on your way to freedom! Ames :)


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