Happy New Year Lovies! 
Today is a day of celebration!  We’re celebrating the fact that we made it through!  What did we make it through you might ask? We made it through all of the storms, the trials, the challenges and the fears that our lives in 2012 have thrown our way. And not only did we make it through, we made it out ON TOP!  No matter how small we believe our victory is, a victory is still a victory!  We woke up this morning, LET’S CELEBRATE!  We have a job, LET’S CELEBRATE!  Our families are healthy, LET’S CELEBATE!  The reason why I’m so excited is because I remember a time when I would spend my days focusing on all of the things that I needed to do, change or accomplish.  That was discouraging.  I knew that God wanted us to acknowledge the things that needed to be change but I dwelled on them.  It was so bad that I thought that I could never get anything right!  It wasn’t until I sought God that I started BELIEVING that He really wants us to enjoy our lives, to give Him praise for ALL that He has done and to live!  I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been through quite a lot these last couple of months.  I mean A LOT!  I felt broken, dead, depressed, down and out BUT GOD!  Now, He’s resurrected me and is allowing me to live a NEW life through Him.  I’m so grateful for the journey but it’s a GREAT feeling to begin to see the promise land after walking through the wilderness!  God is SO awesome and we should celebrate the fact that He is a good God!  He provides for us on a consistent basis, He showers us in grace and mercy DAILY AND He’s always there for us.  It is ONLY because of God that we’ve made it this far, and by the grace of God we WILL make it even further!  Reach for the stars J



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