Hey Lovebugs :)

Today is just one of those days to take it easy.  Sometimes we just need a day (or two) to recharge the battery.  If we're in constant go mode, we run the risk in running ourselves ragged to the point where we burn out.  There's comes a time where just have to... SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE!  For some of us, it's challenging to just sit down.  Who told us that we just have to keep moving?  Why is it that we feel guilty when we sit down and take a time out just to rejuvenate ourselves?  With all of the things going on in my life, I've had to force myself at times to rest.  Many times, I wouldn't get a break until I was sic or just plain ole exhausted.  At one of my visits to my doctor, she was very displeased with how I was living.  She said that's it's very important for me to take care of myself.  I said ok, I knew that taking care of ourselves is important but I didn't realize that balancing our lives and incorporating more rest into my life would be so helpful.  There were times that I would have force myself to take a seat and just relax WITHOUT feeling guilty.  It's definitely something I've had to get use to but I'm determined to live a well balanced life.

Taking it easy is NOT the same as being lazy.  Yes there are times when work has to get down but also there are those times of refreshment that are in order so that we can maintain our metabolism as well as our energy.  So when the work is done, the family is taken care and the house is quiet, take a few moments to yourself to sit down and take a time out to breathe!  You'll thank me later ;-)

Amy :)


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