Relax, Relate, Release..

Happy Saturday Lovebugs :)

So I couldn't sleep & was up last night writing, releasing my thoughts on paper.  I mean I let everything out, everything that was on my mind, my heart, my spirit, I mean EVERYTHING!  As I writing, I noticed that the words just came so freely.  I was uninhibited, like I didn't have to be careful of what was said, how it was said or try to make sure what I was saying was "right".  Notice how we are the most realest with ourselves when we're by ourselves.  When it's just us (and God), we don't have to sugar coat anything.  We don't have to put on a show or strategically and carefully place our words and the tone of our voice in a way to be careful not to offend.  When it's just us, we can be NAKED; unashamed, open, bare, FREE!  Now, I'm not suggested that we can't be real with others the way we can be real with ourselves.  All I'm saying is it's just something about being in that space where you're free of judgement, criticism, critique and correction, that we are just comfortable and have the right to be US without ANY apologies or backlash!  We get to unload all of your desires, wishes, annoyances, feelings and thoughts AND the best thing about it is.. We GET TO LEAVE THEM THERE!  My God!  We don't have to carry them with us throughout our day, lugging them along with the many responsibilities we have to take care of.  NOPE!  We have a set place, a safe place where our thoughts are kept, where we can refer to them at any time. 

Writing is so therapeutic.  Some of the greatest songs written were thoughts that were released.  Some of the greatest poems written were words expressed from the heart.  We never know what can be poured out from us until we grab some time, some paper and a pen and just write.  Those words we were trying to say can be found when we get still enough to listen.  That annoying feeling we have that we just can't seem to put our finger on can be pinpointed when we sit down and allow it to surface.  It's amazing how when writing during a quiet time can take us to places deep within ourselves that we didn't even know existed!

So, the next time you're looking for a release, grab paper and pen and write it out!  The next time you're feeling frustrated, write it out!  The next time you're angry, write it out!  Even the next time you're excited, write it out because once you've released what's deep inside of you, you free up the space to welcome the joy and the love that a new day can bring :)

So on your mark.. get ready, get set, WRITE!

Amy :)


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